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Women's Associations( Mahila Mandals)
Mahila Mandals: Empowering Slum Communities

Mahila Mandals, women's groups under the NAVCHETNA Trust, play a vital role in improving the lives of slum dwellers. Their focus is on education and empowerment, offering a range of programs:
  • Education:
    • Balwadis (kindergartens) provide early childhood education.
    • Tutoring supports students of all ages.
    • Computer classes equip participants with valuable digital skills.
    • Tailoring classes promote income generation opportunities.
  • Empowerment:
    • Mahila Mandals help women form self-help groups, which can eventually join Bhagya Laxmi, a credit union.
    • They advocate for women's rights, ensuring access to essential services like food rations, healthcare, sanitation, and utilities.
    • By identifying local issues, they work towards solutions that benefit the entire slum community.
Sustainability and Self-Reliance:
NAVCHETNA recognizes the importance of self-reliance for Mahila Mandals. They strive to be financially independent while maintaining strong leadership. Various strategies are employed to achieve this:
  • Revenue Generation:
    • Student fees contribute to operational costs.
    • Interest from fixed deposits provides a steady income stream.
    • Mahila Mandals rent out community halls, vessels, and slum tenements (in collaboration with the Surat Municipal Corporation).
    • Donations in cash and kind offer valuable support.
NAVCHETNA is federation of all the Mahila Mandals. it supports the Mahila Mandals while respecting their autonomy. They monitor performance, ensuring transparency and accountability in all activities. Their ultimate goal is to empower these women's groups to become self-sufficient and continue their vital work within the slum communities.
Near Old RTO., Ring Road, Surat-395001 email: navsarjansurat1986@gmail.com
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