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Migrant Help Desk
The Migrant Help Desk is a vital resource center established by Navsarjan to assist migrants who come to Surat seeking employment. It provides crucial support in various situations:
  • Workplace Issues:
    • Harassment: If a migrant faces harassment at the workplace, the Help Desk can offer guidance and connect them with authorities to file a complaint.
    • Wage Theft: When a contractor withholds or fails to pay promised wages, the Help Desk can assist in retrieving rightful earnings.
  • Safety Concerns:
    • Sexual Harassment: The Help Desk provides a safe space for migrants to report sexual harassment and receive support in pursuing legal action or seeking alternative housing.
    • Accident Assistance: In case of an accident, the Help Desk can help navigate medical care and connect with emergency services.
Accessibility and Support:
The Help Desk is easily accessible. Migrants can simply call the designated mobile number, and a dedicated Navsarjan team will promptly reach out. They offer comprehensive assistance, including:
  • Multilingual Support: Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of migrants, the team may offer support in multiple languages to ensure clear communication.
  • Legal Aid: The Help Desk can connect migrants with legal resources if needed to pursue their rights.
  • Counseling and Advocacy: The team can provide emotional support and advocate for migrants' welfare during challenging situations.
The Migrant Help Desk serves as a lifeline for newcomers in Surat, empowering them to navigate the city and secure fair treatment in the workplace.
Near Old RTO., Ring Road, Surat-395001 email: navsarjansurat1986@gmail.com
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