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Free Legal Aid for Slum Communities
Navsarjan recognizes the importance of legal awareness and access to justice for a fair and equitable society. Our Free Legal Aid Unit empowers slum residents, particularly women, to:
  • Understand their rights: We educate residents on their fundamental rights, responsibilities, and entitlements as Indian citizens.
  • Seek legal recourse: We guide them on how to navigate the legal system when their rights are violated.
  • Access legal representation: Our lawyer offers legal counsel and assists with understanding legal procedures.
Challenges and Solutions:
We understand the challenges faced by slum dwellers:
  • High costs: Legal battles can be expensive and time-consuming, impacting daily income.
  • Conflict escalation: Litigation can sometimes lead to further disputes within families and communities.
  • Police bias: Unequal treatment by law enforcement can discourage residents from seeking legal help.
Our Approach:
Navsarjan addresses these concerns through:
  • Awareness camps: We organize informative sessions in slums and our center to educate residents about their legal rights.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): We encourage mediation and negotiation to resolve conflicts before resorting to court.
Our Free Legal Aid Unit strives to ensure slum residents can access justice and live with dignity.
Near Old RTO., Ring Road, Surat-395001 email:
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