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Navchetana Trust: Empowering Women in Surat Slums
Navchetana Trust is a women-led federation comprised of various Mahila Mandals (women's associations) within Surat's slum communities. Facilitated by Navsarjan, the trust aims to empower these women and advocate for critical issues faced by the slum dwellers.
Focusing on health, education, basic amenities, and housing, Navchetana Trust works tirelessly to improve the lives of those residing in Surat's slums. Through legal camps specifically designed for women, the trust empowers them to address their legal needs. Additionally, Navchetana Trust provides training and support to the Mahila Mandals, enhancing their capacity to manage their respective organizations and address community challenges.
The trust recognizes the importance of adolescent girls' well-being. Educational camps are organized to provide them with specialized knowledge on menstrual hygiene and healthy lifestyle practices.
In recognition of International Women's Day, Navchetana Trust organizes events that address various women-related topics. These initiatives aim to strengthen solidarity and create a powerful network among the women within the slum communities.
Understanding the importance of child development, Navchetana Trust works in collaboration with the Mahila Mandals to conduct various educational classes for children residing in the slums. The trust further celebrates Children's Day in these communities, providing a platform for children to showcase their talents and fostering a positive and nurturing environment.
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