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Navsarjan Xavier's Cell for Human Development is a non profit organization registered as a charitable institution under the Bombay Public Trust Act in 1986 and is the initiative of Society of Jesus' Gujarat Province. Navsarjan is a Sanskrit word. It means new creation, to create anew.

Navsarjan envisions an egalitarian world of JUSTICE, PEACE & PROSPERITY in which all individuals have the equal opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to the well-being of each other.

Navsarjan’s mission is to make a positive difference in people's lives by working in partnership to create and implement innovative solutions to their critical social and economic problems.

Goal and Objective:
NAVSARJAN is committed to the goals of empowerment and development of the poor & marginalized groups with special emphasis on women and children.
Its main objective is to bring about social and economic transformation through community organization and action, in Surat district of the State of Gujarat. To this end Navsarjan continues to accompany the process of creating and strengthening the community organization such as Mahila Mandals, Mahila Parishad, Rag Pickers Association, Credit Co-operative Society, Vendors Associations etc., which are owned and managed by the people themselves.

We focus mainly on mobilizing, conscientizing, organizing, educating, awareness building, and developing organizational skills among the adult population and educating their children in order to capacitate the future generation.

Navsarjan stresses on participatory approach. It is through each person's active participation and contribution that leads to building of the group and achievement of the organizational goals. The decision making process firstly is democratic and participatory.  In the decision making system of Navsarjan, its Governing Body is the supreme authority. Navsarjan not only strongly believes in but also propagates the participatory model and taps every individual’s unique capacity to contribute both analytically & critically. Each staff has the total freedom to express his or her personal views; however, they may be challenging, supplementing or even contradicting to that of others. Together with the staff we do the SWOT analysis of the new programs to be taken up.

Main thrust of Navsarjan is “to empower” the powerless and marginalized i.e. to give the people the power of knowledge, give them organizational power, give them the possibility to participate in the development process of their respective areas.

In practice, Navsarjan insists on uniting and organizing the unorganized slum dwellers. Navsarjan believes in old adage: “In union strength.”  A single individual can hardly make any impact on any government or semi government institutions. Their voice in such situations hardly attracts anybody’s attention.  But a group of women storming into a municipal or any other government or semi government offices does force the concerned officers to sit up and listen to them. A group has power to be heard and bargain.  
An organization demands administrative skills and Navsarjan, right from its inception has been relentlessly imparting these skills to the slum women. As these women see themselves running an organization successfully they see themselves in a different light all together. This has enhanced their self esteem, self worth, self image and instilled in them self confidence as a result this has led to their greater participation and eagerness in their association’s activities.
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