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Vocational Education

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Computer Class
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Vocational Classes

1)    Computer classes:
Computer Classes. Inequality of opportunities and access exist in the Slums of India and Surat is no exception. Mahila Mandals with help of NAVSARJAN has made computer education available to people from slums.
Early exposure means greater facility and a head start for talented individuals. There are two computer centers and seven computers in each center. During one hour, each batch of students is given computer education. There is a theory session and a hands-on practice in the computer. The syllabus comprises MS Office, Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop, Tally: other items  may be added depending on the progress of the students. Besides means of learning knowledge of computer provides an additional advantage in their employability.

2)     Tailoring Classes:
Urban poverty is on increase and families in the slums need extra income to survive. Wo/men work to meet two ends meet however often women have to remain home and be satisfied with part time paid work. In slums many women are constrained from finding paid work outside home. Mahila Mandals have responded to needs of these women who seek employability without moving much out of their surroundings. Tailoring classes, though with limited outreach provide skills and employment for number of women to earn a little and support their families.  

Total tailoring classes in the area are: 7
Total number of women trained in tailoring: 200 per year
Tuition fee per person for 6 months: Rs. 900
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