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Tailoring classes: Families in the slums need extra income. The men folk go to work. Some women find employment. Others have to remain at home to take care of their children. Tailoring gives women an opportunity to add to the family income by working at home. This requires two things: training and sewing machines.
Eight batches of minimum 15 students in each are running in 6 areas. The course is designed for six months. It consists of 3 modules and it focuses on: effective handling of the Sewing machine, art of taking measurement, drawing and cutting, flawless stitching etc. The main targets are women, particularly widows, divorcees, abandon ones, and school dropouts. The major objective of the program is to help people acquire the tailoring skill and become economically self-reliant. Tuition fees are kept to be a minimum, and are one-tenth of the rates charged by other professional training institutes.
The formal training in tailoring provides scope for self employment to the women. Women while doing the daily chorus work also find some time to do stitching work and thus become an earning member in the family which ultimately wins them the recognition of a bread winner and thus say in the family matters. It helps them invest their time in very productive way.

Tailoring Training for women:
    • To provide the women skills needed for income generation.
    • To help them to become an earning member of their family and earn a say in the family matters.
    • To help them become self reliant
    • To help them earn self respect in the family and the society at large
    • Through economic empowerment help them to improve their economic and social situation
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