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Legal Aid

Our Interventions
Free Legal Aid Unit:

The Constitutional principles and articles when applied to existing reality take the form of Law. A country without law and order in theory and practice will not move towards the ideals enshrined in the Constitution. NAVSARJAN’s interventions are right based on therefore legal aid when rights are violated is important.  

The free legal aid unit is to help our slum communities and women in particular to become aware of their rights, responsibilities and entitlements. The Unit also help when their rights as individuals and community are not respected.
Legal course and litigation are options sometime inevitable. However, for our people in the slum the legal system is costly and time consuming. It often deprives them of their daily wage. Litigation in some way is also becomes a cause for division and escalated conflicts within and outside the family.
We are aware that sometime the police play a questionable role in the maintenance of law and order as they connive with the elite and the powerful to safeguard their vested interests. The police often is compelled by the elite and political system to take sides and ignore justice. Therefore, the legal rights of the poor are trampled upon in practice.
NAVSARJAN free legal aid unit plays a role of assisting the community members to exercise their rights as citizens of India and enjoy a life of dignity. The role involved carrying out awareness camps in the slums and at the centre. The lawyer with the unit provides legal counsel where needed and helps people understand the provisions in the law and how they can take recourse to it when required.
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