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Litigation is a curse because it is expensive. Lawyer’s fees, travelling to court, cutting down on other gainful activities, all these entail heavy expenditure. Litigation is a curse because it divides people; family against family and even worse, one member of the family against another.

Lawyers often mislead the vulnerable and extract money from them. Litigation is prolonged unnecessarily. Often they are made to run from pillar to post in search of justice. The loser is invariably the poor.

The police play a questionable role in the maintenance of law and order as they connive with the elite and the powerful to safeguard their vested interests. The police system at the local level has little credibility. As a consequence the legal rights of the poor are trampled upon in practice.

Navsarjan LAHR Center has developed a method consonant with Adivasi tradition to settle disputes out of court. When people seek the help of LAHRC’s lawyer in cases of litigation, our lawyers study the case, send a letter to the defendant and try to convince both parties to have an amicable settlement. The Elders of the families and other prominent relatives are called if needed. Together we go into the merits of the case and find a just solution. Our lawyer plays a prominent part in studying the case, in suggesting solutions, and in arriving at a consensus with both the parties. This has financially benefited both the parties.
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