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Navsarjan Trust in collaboration with Mr & Mrs Meenaben Atul Mehta of Manuni Foundation jointly ventured to run the program of “Eye testing and distribution of corrective eye glasses / spectacles to the needy children and women from economically challenged background in Surat” through the generous financial aid from Moldex Composites sponsored under its CSR. It is the first of its kind of a project in the history of Navsarjan supported by a company -Moldex Composites under the Corporate Social Responsibility.

Besides Moldex Composites Vasan Eye Care (Conta Care) Hospital and Keshvi Charitable Trust were also roped in under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to carry out the eye screening (check-up) in different Slums and Schools –reaching the services to the doorsteps of the neediest at relatively low cost. The financial support from Moldex Composites was a big help to conduct eye check-up and distribute spectacles free of cost to the needy children and some elderly women in the underprivileged Slum areas and Schools of Surat City.

For patient friendly, speedy and effective implementation of the program, Navsarjan Trust had convinced Vasan Eye Care and Keshvi Charitable Trust to arrange a team consisting -a doctor, lab technician, nurse and a helper with a mobile clinic to move from one location to another screening patient with eye problem. Navsarjan team and Mr & Mrs Meenaben Atulbhai Mehta were responsible to obtain consent of the parents for their children’s eye check-up, dilation of eyes and logistic arrangements at every place.
Keeping in mind the procedures (dilation) involved in eye check-up the camps were held in different slum areas with the help of the local community organization called Mahila Mandals managed by Navsarjan. The Mahila Mandal members sought the permission from various authorities to avail place for eye check-up and also ensured the disinfection and complete cleanliness of the surrounding area. To ensure discipline and order for smooth functioning of the camp, coupons were distributed a day prior to the camp among the beneficiaries.  On the day of the camps, the members of the Mahila Mandal arranged all the logistical requirements for the team of doctors. The Eye Testing was conducted at 12 locations for 30 slum areas of Surat cities. About 5000 children and women were direct beneficiaries of the Eye Testing at 12 places. A total of 720 corrective eye glasses were distributed to the children and women who were found in need of corrective eye glasses. ## For more details see annexure 1

Mr & Mrs MeenabenAtulbhai Mehta of Manuni Foundation explored various Schools which were willing to procure consent of the parents as per the condition laid by the technical partners. Hence, camps were conducted in 12 schools of the Surat City. The school management extended their generous support to make the camp successful. Among the 12 schools, about 4000 children were screened and 1,986 children were found to be in need of spectacles. The spectacles were distributed among the schools. ## For more details see annexure 1

The Mahila Mandal members organized programs to distribute spectacles to the people in their respective areas. Mr Parag Rajda (Moldex Composites), Fr Isaac Rumao (Director, Navsarjan) and Mr & Mrs Meenaben Atulbhai Mehta (Manuni Foundation) participated in two of the distribution ceremonies at Anand Nagar and Bhatena Slums.

The total number of people screened for eye check-up is 10398 out of which 2237 were detected with numbers and were given specs. Free eye check-up and distribution of specs has been a big blessing for many people from the economically poor and marginalized community. It was noticed that many children due to want of money had not got their eyes checked for years and were pulling on with life with failing eye sight -unable to read and write properly. Many parents and children expressed their heartfelt gratitude for having provided them the opportunity to have their eyes checked and for giving them spectacles free of cost. The contribution of Moldex Composites was appreciated by the beneficiaries as well as others. The higher number of children detected with spectacles in schools as against the ones in the slums was attributed by the doctors to the frequent use of mobile phones and limited exposure to open surrounding.

Case Studies
Name of the beneficiary: Mohammad Sheikh
Age: 10      Class: 5th Std (Gujarati Medium)   Detected number: 4.5    Profession of Father: Rickshaw Driver (Rental)
I, Mohammad Sheikh, had problem in my eyes since I was 6 years. My family’s financial situation was very bad hence they could not afford to take me for check-up all these years. Every year my problem increased and vision was getting blurred. I had a lot of difficulty to read –both in the School and at home. It had affected my studies. My eyes used to get strained hence pained frequently. I was delighted to hear about the eye camp to be held in my slum. I feel privileged to have got the opportunity to get my eyes screened in Bhatena balwadi and also making available the spectacles free of cost. Now, I can see very well and read well too. This will help me to study well. I thank Moldex Composites for helping me regaining my vision and enabling me to see the world around me properly.

Name of the beneficiary: Archan Ranjanbhai Kharvar
Age: 8    Detected number: 2  Profession of Father: Daily wage worker
My father is a daily wage worker. He struggles to earn ends meal for us. For last couple of years I have been complaining about my poor eye sight and struggle to read and write. I was not able to see properly and as a result have fallen down on many occasions. One of the falls had resulted in 15 stitches. This had further resulted in slower understanding of things around me. I like to go to school but I was not able to explain to people around me my difficulty in seeing things. The spectacles given to me through the eye camp has given me better vision and new life. Now, I happily go to the nursery classes and try to read and write with the help of the teacher. I thank you for the gift of vision through the spectacles.

Name of the beneficiary: Maksud Sheik Usman
Age: 18    Detected number: 6     Profession: Daily wage worker
I am an orphan and live with my sister-in-law and with her 5 kids. Right at the outset I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Moldex, Mr & Mrs Meenaben Atul and Navsarjan Trust for organizing eye screening camp and distribution of spectacles free of cost. The eye check-up camp has restored me my sight and moreover it has cured me of my constant headaches and sessions of epilepsy.  I couldn’t study because I used to get strained, leading to severe headache and sessions of epilepsy on account my very poor eye sight. It has also led to my stammering. My speaking ability has also not developed due to regular epilepsies. I used to communicate to people through signs. I used to get frequent headaches but I was not able to express it to people around me. The eye testing camp gave me spectacle which has helped me to regain my vision and overcome my headache and epilepsy. I thank you for making my life better than what it was earlier.

Name of the beneficiary: Rehan Khan Nizamudhin Khan
Age: 7   Class: 3   Detected number: 7.5  Profession of Father: Driver
I, Mr Nizamuddin Khan Father of Rehan, am very grateful to Moldex, Mr & Mr Meenaben Atul and Navsarjan for organizing eye screening camp and distribution of spectacles free of cost. I was aware of my son having problem with his eyes since his childhood. Due to our poor financial situation, we couldn’t afford to get his eyes checked. He constantly used to complain of his failing eyesight, seeing things quite blur and inability to read small letters. He saw things blur at distance as well. He is interested to study but his eyes blocked his progress. This eye camp has revealed to us what vision problem our son was facing. He was detected for such a high numbers. The eye camp has proved a big blessing for our son. Through spectacles eye camp has restored his vision and helped him to get on with his studies and life at large. I thank the donor for having reached out to my child and for opening avenues of possibilities for his brighter future.

Name of the beneficiary: Vishnuben Indu Karan
Age: 45   Detected number: Near vision   Profession: House-wife
I had difficulty with my eyes for quiet sometime. I was not able to do my household work properly due to this problem. My husband never gave me money to go for check-up of my eyes. I had no source of income to do it myself. I took the opportunity offered in the camp and got my eyes checked. I am able to do my work at home with comfort. I express my gratitude to the people who have offered me with this check-up and spectacles.

Details of Slums and beneficiaries

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